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Our Story

Selma and Alex Schönburg have more than 30 years of experience in cosmetic marketing. They have been working with brands like Nivea, Olay, Estée Lauder, and La Prairie. In 2018, Alex was diagnosed with throat cancer and started an immune and radiotherapy treatment. Due to the high doses of radiation, the skin around his face and neck suffered severe damage and dehydration. He received a palliative treatment with skin hydrating and regenerating cream at the hospital. Jokingly, one day Alex asked Selma to try the cream as anti-wrinkle since he had such great results with the treatment. Intrigued, she actually did. The result was incredible; her skin got softer, moister and glowing in just a couple of days. As Alex’s cancer was defeated, the idea appeared to launch a similar regenerating and hydrating cream for mature and dry skin to the market. The couple finally found a laboratory in Vienna to reproduce and adapt the formula for cosmetic usage. Thus, VIENNA SKINCARE was born with its first product - DEEP HYDRATION CREAM, a biocompatible and effective formula to address mature and dry skin conditions.

Our mission

As a biocompatible Austrian skincare company, VIENNA SKINCARE will strive to create effective cosmetic products with natural ingredients and safe synthetics that the body recognises, process and takes full advantage. We will stay away from the superficial world of cosmetics, which creates unnecessary 'needs'. Because you need few but effective active ingredients to achieve a healthy glowing skin.

Our mission is also social

VIENNA SKINCARE was born in a moment of uncertainty. When Alex fell ill, Selma had to join his company and take over the management. She didn't know what would happen to Alex or to their business. When something unplanned happens, the uncertainty surrounding women is statistically higher. It could be an illness, a family breakup or a financial crisis, women seem to be even more vulnerable and have a harder time recovering or even growing. Therefore, VIENNA SKINCARE has a mission to support cancer patients and their families by donating to Österreichische Krebshilfe - Austria Cancer Help Foundation. We also support low-income women to receive education and information on how to start and maintain their own businesses throughout the non-profit organisation ICEP, an independent Austrian development organisation helping people in Africa, Latin America and Central Asia.

Our company should awaken beauty, hope and courage.