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The Best and Number 1 Moisturiser for Your Skin

The Best and Number 1 Moisturiser for Your Skin

If there is one skincare miracle ingredient that has been overlooked for way too long and hasn’t been praised enough, that’s Urea, the natural compound produced by our bodies when metabolising protein, which is fabulous and super efficient not only for moisturising but also for exfoliating our skin.

As we grow older, our bodies produce less urea; causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear. Products containing urea are the most effective weapons to fight dry skin that loses its elasticity and looks dull. Because urea works on an external and also cellular level, it improves the skin’s ability to not only hold moisture but also to create it by retaining water.

Urea exfoliates lightly to help you get rid of dead skin, and it builds up an antimicrobial protective barrier, regulating the good and bad bacteria on your skin, and regulating the lipids on your skin. It is also excellent to kill the bacteria and the yeast that cause acne, leaving your skin smooth and free of spots.

The use of urea in cosmetics is nothing new, so it is an ingredient that is not fashionable or sexy, and few people know and talk about this key compound and its fantastic effects.

In fact, back in the ‘50s, urea was already seen as an old forgotten therapy to treat several skin conditions. The dermatologist Dr Kligman, famous for inventing the acne medication Retin-A, said that In the enthusiastic search for new therapeutic agents, sometimes, some old standby has been overlooked, whose lustre has worn off, but which none the less may have some useful application in
moments when the miracle drugs falter. In the world of topical therapy, urea is such a drug.